[Chilli] subversion

David Bird david at coova.com
Thu Apr 29 05:18:24 UTC 2010


I've committed a few things... 

- A possible solution to the Mac-auth issue (do mach auth during DHCP
always) - though could add some kind of limiting feature to ensure no
RADIUS floods. 

- A fixup for when relaying DHCP through chilli to an external DHCP
server. Added a Server Identifier rewrite. Still problematic to do this
when the upstream DHCP is on the same server as chilli, but this is for
other reasons (binding to port 67, determining which broadcast network
to use for DHCP, and the Server Identifier in DHCP might be "wrong" --
like set to due to loop-back). 

- More checks on types of packets being routed (hunting down possible
segfault situations with unexpected packets)

- Thinking of supporting PPPoE for authentication purposes.. Anyone
interested in helping out (either with code or financial support :) is
encouraged to grep around for ENABLE_PPPPOE. 

- Thinking of supporting 802.3 Ethernet frames... grep around for

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