[Chilli] uid and gid not working

Daniel Berteaud daniel at firewall-services.com
Thu Apr 29 06:40:55 UTC 2010


I use coova-chilli 1.0.13 on my server, with uid and gid options to
limit the privileges (I'm not very found of publically accessible
daemons with root privileges). It's working, even if I get the following
message in the log when I start chilli:

coova-chilli[11928]: chilli.c: 3766: 1 (Operation not permitted)
setgid(460) failed while running with gid = 0

So it seems that droping uid works but not gid

I've tried with coova-chilli 1.2.2, but now uid and gid don't work at
all because chilli generate the binary configuration in /tmp/chilli-XXX
and this directory is 700 root:root

Are the uid/gid options not supported anymore ?

And why chilli now uses this binary config file in /tmp ?

Regards, Daniel

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