[Chilli] how to disable chilli dhcp server

Anatoly Oreshkin Anatoly.Oreshkin at pnpi.spb.ru
Thu Mar 18 16:20:50 UTC 2010


I have coova-chilli 1.2.2 configured and running successfully.
The configuration:
eth0 ( - wan interface looking into local network
eth1 ( - subscriber interface looking into internal network
for clients.

Both local network and internal network are in the same physical network
We would like to set up external DHCP  server for serving wireless clients
with WPA2 security using the
same APs as chilli clients and also serving wire clients.
But having 2 DHCP servers on the same physical segment is impossible.
So I would like to disable chilli's builtin dhcp server and assign IP
addresses though external DHCP

To achive this goal I tried to use chilli parameters:
dhcpgateway,dhcpgatewayport, dhcprelayagent
but without success.
Also I tried iptables like this:

iptables -p udp  --destination-port 67:68 -j DROP

and also no success.
May be to use ebtables ?

The question is a such scenario is possible ?
Any help.

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