[Chilli] Chilli random crashes since 1.2.7

Miguel Lopes - Cabocom miguel.lopes at cabocom.cv
Mon Dec 5 15:20:39 UTC 2011



After many tests, we narrowed down why (in our case) chilli keeps crashing
with segmentation fault. We use layer 3  mode and have only one central
instance of chilli running. We use a mesh topology with gateways and nodes
from Tropos. If any of the node or gateway goes offline chilli crashes. I
don't know if it is ARP related or if it crashes because the route to a
specific client no longer exists. Any clues David on what could be done to
prevent this. Chilli is running is a server compiled with large limits.


The more AP's we have the more often chilli crashes. 


Kind Regards / Atentamente,


Miguel Lopes

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