[Chilli] [PATCH] Remove hardcoded www.coova.org from walled garden

Erik Auerswald auerswald at fg-networking.de
Fri Jul 15 10:11:02 UTC 2011


currently the site www.coova.org is a hard-coded entry in the walled garden
list. While I understand the wish to advertise the site, this should be
done using an overridable way or using a comment, but not by hard-coding
the access exception.

The attached patch simply removes www.coova.org from the walled garden.
Please consider it for inclusion.

Dipl.-Inform. Erik Auerswald                http://www.fg-networking.de/
auerswald at fg-networking.de Tel: +49-631-4149988-0 Fax: +49-631-4149988-9

Gesellschaft für Fundamental Generic Networking mbH
Geschäftsführung: Volker Bauer, Jörg Mayer
Gerichtsstand: Amtsgericht Kaiserslautern - HRB: 3630
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