[Chilli] Coova Chilli with dhcpgatway and dnsmasq on port 6700 - Address already in use ?

Derek C derekchilli at hssl.ie
Wed May 18 01:17:35 UTC 2011


I have a test setup with dnsmasq answering dhcp queries on port 6700
(netstat -a confirms this).

I have these three lines setup in chilli.conf: -
dhcpgatewayport 6700

When I try to start Coova Chilli it dies and writes this into the log:
dhcp.c: 927: 98 (Address already in use) socket or bind failed for dhcp

Does the dhcpgateway port not mean the port for the outsourced dhcp
server?  (and will the chilli dhcp not still be served on port 67) ?

Maybe I'm just reading the directives wrong - and I had this working a
couple of months ago too!

thanks for any advice!


Derek C
In Ireland

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