[Chilli] CoovaChilli Layer-3 Model

Luis Ferreira lferreira at cabocom.cv
Wed Apr 10 10:01:57 UTC 2013

Hi Robert,


I'm still on vacations, but I'm still alive J

A couple of thing to check.

First, see if in chilli interface to clients, you don't have any instance of
chilli running without VLAN tagging. That will 


      Client Side             ROUTER           WAN


      VLAN100 instance   --> +-------+

      VLAN110 instance   --> |       |

      VLAN120 instance   --> | TUN   |   -->  INTERNET & Access controller

      .                      |       |

      UNTAGGED instance  --> +-------+


If you have a single untagged instance, that will cause trouble for you,
generating what you are experiencing.


Regarding DHCP, in our setup, we are using a dedicated server just for dhcp.
That way we manage to lower broadcasts by fine tunning isc-dhcp-server.
Never the less,  the issue will not be there.


Other thing to check,

Check with a laptop with capable card, if you can ping any of the chilli
instances on the client side. If you can't, that mean that traffic is not
being sent properly.



Also, I'm a little confuse about you setup. Can you make a schematic  so
that I can understand the IP ranges and IP's on each of the stage (specially
on the router)?




Luis Ferreira


From: Miguel Lopes [mailto:miguel.lopes at cabocom.cv] 


Hi Robert,


We have Chilli running in an ISP in Cape Verde as a Layer 3 in a datacenter
with multiple VLANS (each VLAN represents a neighborhood). We use the same
page for all but we could use different pages if needed. The DHCP and runs
on multiple VLANS assigning different ranges to each VLAN. All the AP's are
connected to the datacenter using a backhaul mesh network. 


We had once the behavior you described, the user getting IP but not the
login page or other erratic behavior and we found out it was due to mixing
chilli instances running in a VLAN environment mixed with a chilli instance
running on a non VLAN environment.


My CTO Luis Ferreira who is also a part of this list can maybe help you out
once he returns from his vacation next week.






From: Russell Mike


Dear David


Thank you very much for your time to attend this request. i had actually
lost the hope because no one responded expect you, whereas there are
hundreds of guys in community using CoovaChilli as L3 modle, Anyways. 


Setup here is bit different where CoovaChilli is running in Multi-Tenancy
mode (VLANs) due to the reason, every customer need their own login /
Landing page. i am currently running 10 instances for CoovaChilli. But i
will just focus on one instance to work and then i would know. 


KINDLY, if you tell me, how you setup the connection from a remote router
(at hotspot) to Chilli. I am trying like this There is VLAN tagging in, i
think that i creating problem. i would also very much appreciate the other
methods those can be used for L3, such as VPN etc.. 



router eth1 = <-- Router Interface Connected (Point-2-Point)
With CoovaChilli  tun0

tun0 = <-- CoovaChilli With VLAN interface 406 

router eth0 = <--Router LAN Interface, Gateway For Hotspot User

my dhcp range -


# Options i Activated For L3



HS_STATIP= <- IP Range My DHCP Would Issue to Hotspot Users



# Working Options For L2


















HS_TCP_PORTS="80 443"









HS_LOC_NAME="VLAN 406 Web Login"


Thanks / Regards

RM --



From: David Harrold <david at dkxl.co.uk>

Hi Mike

We use a similar setup with central site chilli at Layer 3, and local APs
managing local DHCP.
A few things to check:
- chilli's IP net pool  must be a superset of all of the local AP subnets
- the UAM IP must be within this same superset net range

Eg if you have three local APs  <>,
<>,  <>, then chilli  should be configured for
<>, and can use uam IP

Let me know if you need more details

Best Regards


From: Russell Mike <radius.sir at gmail.com>

Hi All List Friends,

But my question is to the guys using CoovaChilli in L3. It is Ubuntu 12.4LTS
& CoovaChilli 1.3.0 installation, It is multi-tenancy CoovaChilli in ISP
data center. Successfully working as L2 model (No Issue At-All, Very Stable)
with FR & MySQL. i have almost reached end of my knowledge and this list is
my last hope. After working for 5 days continuously could not make
CoovaChilli to work as L3 model. i understand this mail does not tell much
how the designe is, therefore it is not possible to advice much. i am ready
to come up with network diagram if someone can support me please. But still
any advice would be very much appreciated here.


[Hotspot-User-Laptop]<----->[Indoor-AP]<----->[Router]<-->(Wireless-Link 2
Data Center)<-->CoovaChilli

Router is acting as relay agent, user can obtain the dhcp ip alright, cannot
get the Coova Login page. Thanks for attending to my request.

Thanks / Regards

RM --


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