[Chilli] CoovaChilli Layer-3 Model

Luis Ferreira lferreira at cabocom.cv
Wed Apr 10 11:45:06 UTC 2013

Hi Robert,


When I said capable card, was one that has VLAN support on it, so that you
can try to ping chilli.

For instance, for me to check communication issues on the backbone line,
I've got to enable VLAN support on LAN so that I can ping chilli.


I you are absolutely sure that you don't have a untagged instance of chilli
running, the problem will most definitely be routing. Send me the network
topology so that I can check what could be.


I really suspect the router.



PS: reply to chilli at coova.org. that way everyone will get the message






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Hi Robert,


I'm still on vacations, but I'm still alive J


Never Mind please, thanks for your time again.



A couple of thing to check.

First, see if in chilli interface to clients, you don't have any instance of
chilli running without VLAN tagging. That will 


      Client Side             ROUTER           WAN


      VLAN100 instance   --> +-------+

      VLAN110 instance   --> |       |

      VLAN120 instance   --> | TUN   |   -->  INTERNET & Access controller

      .                      |       |

      UNTAGGED instance  --> +-------+


If you have a single untagged instance, that will cause trouble for you,
generating what you are experiencing.


Thanks for the TIP, but i don't have one without VLAN (Tagging)


Regarding DHCP, in our setup, we are using a dedicated server just for dhcp.
That way we manage to lower broadcasts by fine tunning isc-dhcp-server.
Never the less,  the issue will not be there.


Fortunately, i have the same setup dedicated "isc-dhcp-server" to handle
DHCP request.  


Other thing to check,

Check with a laptop with capable card, 

capable card mean MTU issue? that becomes 1504 after tag is inserted?  i am
reducing the MTU to 1400 from chilli.conf



if you can ping any of the chilli instances on the client side. If you
can't, that mean that traffic is not being sent properly.


because there is not strate forward documentation, i have trying too may
things. earlier i was able to ping chilli instance, but no login page. BUT
currently cannot ping. that is where my problem is ROUTING !!


There is another gentleman "Mr. David Harrold" is helping also, we are
trying to make it work and i will wait for you to come back. let me struggle
for the mean time.  

Also, I'm a little confuse about you setup. Can you make a schematic  so
that I can understand the IP ranges and IP's on each of the stage (specially
on the router)?



Surely, i will make net diagram this and send you the proper information to


very much grateful for your time million of thanks Mr Luis F. & Mr. David H



Luis Ferreira


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