[Chilli] ignore streams

Jed Gainer jedgainer at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 05:51:32 UTC 2013

I am letting my users stream TV and don't want it to add to their
bandwidth usage.

Will the below stop connections to from counting?

  /* If the ip src is uamlisten and psrc is uamport
     we won't call leaky_bucket */
  if ( ! (ipph->saddr  == _options.uamlisten.s_addr &&
          (ipph->sport == htons(_options.uamport)
           || ipph->sport == htons(_options.uamuiport)
           || ipph->sport == htons(8800)
           ))) {
    if (chilli_acct_tosub(appconn, ipph))
      return 0;

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