[Chilli] Can't authenticate, challenge expired

Xabier Oneca -- xOneca xoneca at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 10:37:40 UTC 2013

Hello list,

I am having throuble authenticating with CoovaChilli. I did have it
working a while ago, but now It has mysteriously ceased to work. Maybe
I touched something in the system I didn't have to...

The UAM is displayed correctly, and it redirects to login page after
pressing a button, with a default user/pass in a hidden form.

>[pap_password ("dummypass" ^ challenge)]

But chilli always answers with 'res=failed' and 'reason=other'.

> [...]?res=failed&reason=other[...]

I have noticed that in spite of the user getting the IP correctly,
chilli throws messages like this:

> chilli.c: 5840: 0 (Debug) UAM login with unknown IP address:

And it always resets the challenge, *every* time the 'logon' page is
requested, because says it's expired (the main reason why it does not
authenticate users, I think):

> redir.c: 3737: 0 (Debug) redir_accept: challenge expired: 0 : 5537
> redir.c: 3739: 0 (Debug) ---->>> resetting challenge: b694f13580a676cd06ee6e0071ba0b26

I have searched "challenge expired" and found this Coova thread:
http://coova.org/node/4849 that describes the same problem, but he is
using more than one instance and I am running only one...

Has somebody any idea about how could I botched it?


Xabier Oneca_,,_
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