[Chilli] chilli no-internet problem

Ivan dominic Baguio baguio.ivan at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 14 17:16:05 UTC 2014


I was wondering if anyone encountered this issue before. My computer is not able to connect to the internet when trying to authenticate from a router managed by chilli if the router was booted initially without connection to the internet. For clarity, below is the process that causes the said problem.

1. Router boots with NO Internet connection( i.e WAN source is off or not available)
2. After a few minutes... Router now has internet connection (WAN source is ON or is available)
3. User logs in to the wireless network, managed by coova-chilli
4. NO INTERNET CONNECTION ( i.e No captive portal redirect, no DNS; pinging google would result to a failure)

Im guessing the problem occurs when coova boots without internet connection. Have anyone encountered this problem in the past?

The setup is this, coova-chilli on OpenWRT 12.09.

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