[Chilli] uam redirect fail

Sanity sales at sanitycomputers.com.au
Sun Oct 19 23:08:36 UTC 2014

Using coova-chilli 1.2.8 on the Cloudtrax Openwrt ng firmware (and the
previous Robin firmware) I have found an odd bug.  Some users are not been
redirected to the radius UAM server. The redirect page and logo just stops
and eventually the browser times out.


You would think that the uam server was not accessible, but the same user
has http access to the UAM server. The most common device to have the issue
is a Samsung tablet, and often IOS devices. It does not seem to happen on
most other OS's.


I have considered DNS as the problem but not sure how to debug and http
access is available anyway.  If the user had there 3g modem on at the same
time there may be a conflict with the wifi..  It seems more likely something
to do with the built in handler for wifi hotspot captive portals. 


This page shows a great run down on captive portal issues,


But this specific problem does not show the captive portal popup at all, it
simply times out, sometimes a reboot will fix the next redirect but normally
I need to log them in via mac auth. 


I've seen many coova-chilli redirect threads but not specifically like this.






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