Thanks a lot !

Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at
Wed Apr 23 12:39:25 UTC 2008

SR Infosystèmes wrote:
> Hi Gunther,
>> radiustimeout is currently undocumented (at least in the man page), 
>> it controls the amount of time that chilli will wait for a response 
>> from the radius server until it attempts retransmission. In 1.0.11 
>> this defaults to a reasonable 5000 milliseconds (to allow for possible 
> Thanks to help me understanding the radiustimeout usage...
>>> As you said that current svn is already 'in the wild' without 
>>> problems, I consider to keep it as my standard 'release' before 
>>> 1.0.12 arrival.
>> Actually David said 1.0.11 is "in the wild", 
> Yes, you're right, Thanks to correct this !
>> production purposes if I were you. Unless of course you have to rely 
>> on a brand new feature (which I doubt).
> Radius Iddle-Session attribute works now (or must I say work again), 
> and it's a must-have for my needs...
Did the idle-session timeout not work for you in 1.0.11? That's 
strange... I guess I haven't tested it explicitly myself and have 
assumed there were no regressions (it works perfectly in 1.0.6). Do you 
use the defidletimeout option or does your radius supply this? What 
exactly wasn't working in which version that you tested?
> Well... I think giving this svn release a try, with the 1.0.11 bahind 
> the wall, ready to go... (I like living near the edge :)
Alright, if it works for you...

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